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Disco in the Jungle on Live Auction on Artsy

Disco in the Jungle – Life is Beautiful is on Auction with Artsy. 


Yee's older works are on Artsy. You can also check out her more recent works on


Artsy is the ultimate source for almost any type of art in the world. You can find classic works from Andy Warhol or contemporary works from Jeff Koons and pop artists like KAWS there.


Disco in the Jungle – Life is Beautiful mixes natural and neon colors in a surreal setting, where the orange from the neon lights up a forest.


Her works have been seen on the Saatchi Gallery, Artsy,, and Art Voice. 

“Besides color, one of the most important things in this work is texture. The rich and rough texture of the plant in the background contrasts with the smooth, shiny texture of the water. I like to put contrasting textures together to create a new image that entertains the viewer’s mind and eyes,” Yee said.

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