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Private Air Luxury Homes: Contemporary Artist Mixes Neon and Nature

Private Air Luxury Home, New York, NY


YEE was Named Contemporary Artist Mixes Neon and Nature


Yee has another interview with Private Air Luxury Homes magazine.


Private Air Luxury Homes:

The Chinese-American artist, who specialize in fine arts media, including digital, graphic design, 2-D and 3-D, says she is inspired by music, nature and what she calls the unusual nature of everyday objects.”


In her popular “Still Life” series, Yee pairs colorful neon lights with nature to create powerful and memorable images. She experiments with different textures, lighting and reflection to create a balance between these two apparently disparate images.

Her works have been seen on the Saatchi Gallery, Artsy,, and Art Voice.


To see the full interview, please click here.

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