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YEE is on the Artist Spotlight on the Cult Magazine

Yee is on the Artist Spotlight on the Cult Magazine.

Yee Wong’s work has received American Photographic Artists awards and has been featured in the Saatchi Gallery. Most notably, Wong’s Still Life series mixes the elements of a neon sign to represent pop culture amongst the environment around it.


Yee specializes in fine arts media, such as digital, graphic design 2-D and 3-D. Her work often captures the unusual nature of objects used in daily life, and through that she expresses her emotions. We caught up with Yee between her current homes in New York and Hong Kong for a spotlight feature. Read our exclusive Q&A with her below, and view more of her work.

Here is the interview. ( Please click here for the interview. )


CULT: What are some of your favorite mediums to work with?

Yee: Digital would probably be my most favorite.


CULT: In the last 24 hours, what has inspired you?

Yee: The champagne color of the beautiful sunset.


CULT: Your latest show, Past is Future, represents how both human history and our own personal past alike dictate much of our future. What attracted you to this theme?

Yee: I always liked retro art and music. From there I get a lot of inspirations. I also very much like the idea of mixing the old and new together to create something that is totally unseen. It sometimes could turn out to be something very avant garde.


CULT: Are there any particular moments in your own past that you can directly attribute to your life today?

Yee: There are many. I think the biggest one is the moment I decided to move to the United States. That really makes me the person who I am today. I have lived in the US for most of my life. I am used to the western culture and at the same time I also have Asian values because of my roots. It may sound a little schizophrenic… but it is actually a blessing cause that makes you a well-rounded worldly person with a boarder view.


CULT: What about moments in the present that you hope will impact your future?

Yee: The hard work and love that I put in making my art. I hope in the future, I can share my works with more people and more people can see my works.


CULT: Favorite retro band / musician / artist / event that has influenced or impacted you?

Yee: One of my all-time favorite musicians is Brian Eno. I feel some of his guitar work still sounds recent for today. I think that is how good art and music can live forever. I always got inspired by old time paintings. I love Monet’s and Seurat’s color and the emotion and sexiness in Egon Schiele’s paintings.


CULT: What are 3 things that few people know about you?

Yee: I like cheese. I love fried anchovies. And I don’t like raising.


CULT: How do you stay inspired?

Yee: Listen to good music and being close to nature and be appreciative of your surroundings and the people around you.


CULT: Favorite local haunts and hideaways in NYC?

Yee: The video game arcade in LES.


CULT: Words to live by:

Yee: Feel pretty, and witty and gay.

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