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Past is Future



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Past is Future

Past is Future presents some of the works that international contemporary artist Yee Wong has done in the past couple of years. The show includes one of her of well-known photography series, Still Life, which features a retro neon sign, like some of her other masterpieces. The Still Life series is a good example of how a retro idea can influence an artist's choices today. This mix of ideas is often called Modern-Retro. This influence is also found in famous bands who still play in a psychedelic 70s style, and the fact that the fashion industry never gets sick of the 80s punk rock style. Culture from the past is constantly impacting creative culture today. It is like how a person’s past experiences can dictate what they do in the present. But this is on a much bigger scale: human history and culture of the past influence the creative choices we make today and the future.


Her works have been seen on the Saatchi Gallery, Artsy,, and Art Voice.      


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