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Yee Wong’s work alongside with Takashi Murakami’s

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One of the works from Yee’s Disco in the Jungle is displayed alongside the famed artist Takashi Murakami’s. Although these two Asian artists have distinctively different styles, there are two things in common. First, both of them love to play with color in their works. Second, they both have spent big parts of their lives in New York, one of the most flourishing art scenes in the world. This East-meets-West background gives them an international vision, creating a unique style beloved by art lovers worldwide.


This neon sign piece is an extension of the Disco in the Jungle series. This work, Disco in the Jungle – Life is Beautiful, is another example of how Yee uses colors playfully. The pink and cyan neon emphasize the green texture of the plant in the background to create a distinctively rare color palette that wows the audience.


Her works have been seen on the Saatchi Gallery, Artsy,, and Art Voice.


“I think this is what the art world needs now. Fresh, diverse, unique style. I want to do works that excite my audience. Something that is unique that no one has seen before. That is the mission of being a creative creator. I want to create something from my imagination and bring it to the real world and share it with everybody, and for them to see joy and hope in my works. One thing I really want to do with my art, besides creating visually stunning works, is send a positive message to viewers. That is another thing I want to do through my artwork that goes beyond the physical level of my works,” Yee said.

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